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Killer putin

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Arrested putin

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To tailgate and to piggyback

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As my native language is not English and I’m still in the process of improving it, I will post small notes about words and expressions that seem interesting to me every so often. It’s the first one of that case.

Some time ago, while wandering around the interwebs looking for an answer for a Qt project I was working on, I stumbled upon a mailing list where a developer explained his idea. In the post he used the word piggybacking, which was unknown to me. Unfortunately, it’s rather tough to find the post now.

It turned out to be a compelling word, which with another similar one, tailgating, means when a person, that has a pass to a restricted room, goes there and an intruder, not having a pass there, follows him inside. Among other meanings of the words, to tailgate also describes a situation where one car is following another one, keeping very little distance (which is similar to the first meaning).

More info: tailgating, piggybacking.

Have fun with English!