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"It hasn't happened yet, but it will happen sooner or later. Beautiful photo, isn't it?" Source: twitter. and gPodder 3

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Update on 2021-02-06: Updated the repository’s URL.

It’s been two years since I wrote my blog post about my solution how to properly tag podcasts to listen on Sandisk Sansa Clip+ players. I used to use gPodder 2 on Linux all that time, and now I switched to the latest gPodder 3 on OS X. gPodder 3 replaced cmd_download_complete option with extensions, and thus I had to adopt the script for the new version.

gPodder 3 is still distributed with (on OS X) and relies on python 2, whereas my script was written on python 3. It wouldn’t be a problem to support both python 2 and 3 if the stagger library supported it, and it’s on python 3 as well. One option was to use mutagen library, which is actually used by one of the extensions in the gPodder package, but that would require rewriting most of the script.

I couldn’t find any better, but to get my extension invoke the script, being a proxy here. To get it working then you’ll need both the script and extension They are available from the git repository here: Note that python 3 is required for the script.

I’ve tested the extension with bundle 3.5.0 on OS X 10.8.3, and it should also work on Linux. Ping me if it doesn’t. To setup:

  1. Clone the repository or just download and unpack an archive. Let’s assume you put the files into the ~/bin/fixtags/ directory.

  2. Softlink the extension file into gPodder’s extensions directory (usually ~/gPodder/Extensions/): mkdir ~/gPodder/Extensions/ and ln -sv ~/bin/fixtags/ ~/gPodder/Extensions/.

  3. Launch gPodder, go to Preferences, Extensions tab. In Post download section, enable the fixtags Extension:

  1. In Preferences, click the Edit Config button. Find the extensions.fixtags_ext.fixtags_cmd setting, and set it to the path and filename of the script (e.g., ~/bin/fixtags/

If you can’t find the setting, check that the extension is checked, and maybe restart gPodder.

OK, you’re now done! You may enable verbose mode in gPodder (running it with the -v flag) and check the logs for messages. Leave a comment if you have questions/issues with the extension.