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Using neovide/vimr as comfort0 editors in JOSM

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Comfort0 is a useful plugin for fast editing of OSM features, where you edit a text file in the Level0L format. The issue was that I didn’t have any of the default text editors installed, so I tried to use neovim-based GUIs: Neovide or VimR. Both can be brew install‘ed and have CLI launchers, but neither one worked. JOSM showed a popup saying Launching editor on file /tmp/…/josm_level0_….txt, the editor was indeed launched, but always showed an empty file (ls confirmed that). So in cases when I needed to have manual, controlled mass-edits, I used to copy the Level0L code (there is a menu item for that), paste it into vim, use macros to edit the information, copy that and paste as Level0L code into JOSM. This worked fine, even if it was clunky. I decided to debug the issue.

I followed the Developing Plugins guide and was able to build JOSM core and the comfort0 plugin. The next step was to debug it; I tried doing that in IntelliJ Idea CE, but couldn’t figure it out, so I had to install Eclipse (brew install eclipse-java) and surprisingly I was able to make it work there with the guide (eventually)! There are still 24 errors displayed in the project (such as BasicPreferences cannot be resolved to a type), but debugging works.

What I saw in the logs was Comfort0: Editing of file … done immediately after showing the notification above. This happens after editor.waitFor(), then the file is read and deleted. Very strange. waitFor should wait for a process to exit, which makes sense, but is it broken?! editor comes from EditorLauncher.launch().

Then I’ve noticed that the default list of editors contains entries like gedit --standalone --wait and kate --new --block — note the --wait and --block arguments! I tested the neovide command in the terminal and indeed, it launched the GUI… and also didn’t wait for it to exit. So that’s the issue! neovide -h and vimr -h helped with the correct arguments for each command, so I added /usr/local/bin/neovide --no-fork and /usr/local/bin/vimr --wait to the comfort0.editor JOSM setting and the plugin works great now!