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Less time for snoozing

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Hey there!

It’s a quick tip today how to spend less time snoozing and getting up faster in the morning. If you’re like me, that is have a bunch of tasks to do and little time for them, you unintentionally go to bed later, cutting the sleeping time a bit, and want to do get up early in the morning, here is a quick and dirty tip for that:

Put a small cup of water near on your bedside table in the evening, and when the first alarm goes off in the morning, drink it. Even if you really want to sleep, you’ll have to snooze the alarm, and just get the cup at the same time.

Obviously, the best way to get up early is to have enough time to sleep, but that’s not always possible. What lifehacks do you have to wake up faster? Leave a comment below.

Another method is here.