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Killer putin

Killer putin. Source:

Arrested putin

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My trip to Europe

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Hi, nice to have you here!

Today I’d like to show a dozen of photos from my recent trip to Europe. Please bear with the quality of the photos, as I didn’t have a super fancy camera with me.

Krakow, Poland

First photo. The view from the hotel room. The streets are wide, enough space for cars, trams, bicyclers, and pedestrians. The trams go fast and on schedule.

The same street view, now in the morning.

The river Wisla that goes through the city. That big ball in the background is an observation balloon that can rise to about 150 meters.

We were lucky to visit Krakow on the independence day of Poland. Here is a shot of a formation of police officers and army people in front of the Wawel Roayl Castle.

The next two photos show the beginning of a big parade in honor of the independence day. There were lots of people on the streets!

If you are in Krakow and have some time, I highly recommend visiting the Wieliczki Salt Mines and taking an excursion there. There are a lot of chambers and paths underground in the ubiquitous salt.

Prague, Czech Republic

Here is an ancient temple on the main square of Prague. It has a pair of clocks: one is astronomical one at the bottom, and the regular one under the roof.

This is the best shot I’ve found of the famous Karlův most. It has old statues along the both sides of the bridge.

Many streets that are close to the highways have these noise-suppressing walls a few meters high. Also, there is a great deal of cameras on the streets.

It’s a six story store that primarily sells shoes. Can you imagine, six floors of footwear?

Inside a shopping mall. Do the penguins look like Tux?

Karlovy Vary, Czech Republic

Dresden, Germany

Modern and fast trams and buses near the old buildings.

Beautiful scenery!

A garden inside a complex of museums near the Theaterplatz:

Vienna, Austria

A few dozens of electric generators making electricity from the power of wind. Approaching Vienna:

The cathedral of Vienna:

The history museum on the Maria-Theresien Platz:

On the same square, there is another museum there. The Museum of Natural History. We had only two hours to visit it, so we rushed to see all the exhibition rooms. It’s a beautiful museum, in fact the best museum I’ve ever visited!

Different minerals:

The King of animals:

Zakopane, Poland

A little town in Poland, which has a number of ski resorts:

That’s all for now. Thanks for staying here! Seeing the world is great!